This is Dilli !!

27 Jun

The women told me that they have to go to a certain address in South Delhi and wanted me to help them out since people here didn’t speak English. I am very passionate about the English language and hence the opportunity to be a translator, for a short time, was pleasing. It wasn’t a faraway place they were headed to, but how do you get a dozen women around in a city unfamiliar to cab service? I tried getting the autos for them but again… a dozen women? It would have needed a procession. One auto-rickshaw driver did stop and agreed to go when I spoke to him. But as soon as he saw me relaying this to a lady who seemed to be the in-charge, his eyes got shifty and he started surveying the group. Though eventually, it turned out that the place they were headed to was sending a cab for them, the auto driver’s sudden change in attitude stuck in my mind.

Why is it that we look for ways to exploit the first person we can find and get away with it? What was the driver thinking at that instant? Surely, he couldn’t kidnap a dozen women, could he? Its the bizarre spectrum of crimes in India that makes me paranoid and unable to brush away the thought.
I don’t want to spin a depressing tale of apathetic Delhites here. I don’t have an eloquent and elaborate hypothesis on the same. But sometimes I feel like shaking up some people and tell them – would it kill you to be more humane? Why does an average Delhite have so much anger and resentment and greed festering inside him?
If only the answers were that simple.

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