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Pre and Post Exam!

21 Sep

Before you assume that I’m going to go off about the exam season, preparations and sleepless nights… let me assure you – I’m not that cruel. Everyone already knows that. I have been itching to publish something for a while now. There are already too many unfinished, unpolished posts in the drafts folder.. just don’t have the patience enough to finish them off. Thought now I’m wondering, if someone did read half of those ramblings, they’d surely think I’m certifiable. It’s weird and somewhat funny how the creative juices flow during the exam season.

This blog was an attempt to channelize my thoughts. I always thought that I think too much and after a certain friend recommended to do something about it, I decided to give blogging a shot. You can see that my previous posts have been about fairly ‘heavy’ topics. Though I don’t plan to keep it that way for long, but lets see how that works out.

I’m really thankful to the heart warming response to the previous posts. The satisfaction of seeing someone subscribe to you has more meaning than just the stats. Its the feeling of being heard, your opinion being valued or just considered and of course, being appreciated that leaves a tingling feeling (or is it the cold?) So , a very big and loving “THANK YOU!” to you all.