Trouble on my mind when I see a guy with a stubble. Trouble on my mind!

25 Dec

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

Why don’t men get the concept of being completely silky smooth. I cannot tolerate hair on my man’s
body. Its soooo ewwwww..I wax my entire body take so much pain and all I except in return is the effort
you take for me should be seen and the first freaking that comes into picture is your damn face. At least
shave if you expect some action.

I admit that I was in a phase too where I used to think the rough bad
stubble looked good and made some guys look like the ideal bad boy but the moment I got involved and
realized the truth that they’re just a bunch of immature lazy ba****ds who don’t and would not even
consider grooming themselves for a girl. Forget grooming they would think it’s cool to be unhygienic and
unkempt and would sport a STUBBLE and when it would grow they wouldn’t even shave it clean and let
It grow again.They would machine the beard back to the Stubble which by the way is more annoying and
painful than the beard.

A clean shave makes the guy look fascinating. And the cologne does wonders too. *Blushes*

I don’t let a guy get close to me now unless he’s as silky smooth as I am. You’ll be kicked to the curb
after the night is over. Don’t think I won’t enjoy the food or dance or anything you plan but it’s a definite
that you won’t enjoy a moment after I reach my doorstep!

So…for future reference to each and every guy out there. If you want to impress a really classy beautiful
girl, You will have to definitely bare the brunt of a Gillette!


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