How he stood up!

10 Apr

There is a pall of gloom in a house when the unthinkable happens.The child was still born.

Everyone visited the house to commiserate.

But the mishap  repeated after a year.It actually was a yearly mishap for the couple.Some times an emergency abortion and other times a different complication.

During other times they never mingled with anybody and kep t to themselves and maintained their seriousness.

Medical tests and other methods could never fathom the reasons for the repetition of the same.

The couple must be fed up .In fact the man was not and his family was behind this inhuman behavior to the girl for not being able to conceive.Deplorable state of grown ups.Just physical evolution is not sufficient.It is a horrendous crime to torture a woman to go through the pain every year.


The parents of the boy stayed in the background but the real culprits to perpetrate this unspeakable atrocity.

The girl was from the same community and went with the desires of the in-laws.The man was not man enough to come to his senses.He was a puppet.

The neighbours in the city were a mute witness and were never allowed to intervene and advise as the girl was never allowed to communicate with anybody but to go about her office job and beget children for this so called man.

Even tribals have better judgment and definitely have heart but not this family.

The corporator of the region was a Man of integrity and has been in the position for two decades and made his presence felt during all occasions.He was there for support of social causes .Therefore he remained in the seat long.

He arrives at his door with his wife one fine morning when he is briefed about this atrocity and extends all help monetarily and otherwise towards medical expenses for the future welfare and well being of the woman and for any medical intervention for the complications to be studied before the couple think of another child because there is a risk of life to the mother.Soon the community involves itself in dissuading the man and his parents and educating them of a civilized outlook in this matter.

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