My Manifesto

6 Nov

Corporations have now become less inclined to listen to the powers.They have a good relationship with the customer and all else is of nuisance value only.They will sell the city and its inhabitants if their business goals are met.They indulge in behind the scenes activity and lobbying and can buy the world for perpetuating the crime of polluting the city with its solid and other wastes.

They have a fleet of vehicles for official and personal use of their employees and staff.They also hire heavy vehicles for their cargo and shipments.In addition their raw materials are supplied by a host of agencies that bring in all kinds of vehicles into their premises.Especially in the construction business there is such an enormous movement of vehicular traffic that the city chokes up every moment.


More than direct contribution corporates have been responsible for the sorry state of the city.There are seminars on environment protections , delegations to and from foreign countries with their cession of gospel truth but it all subsides and there is no word of it nice the delegation leaves the shores.It is just an eye wash.Hoodwinking the public with the connivance of the authorities has been in vogue ever.Using the political contacts to suppress the bureaucrats.

Many a citizen has fought for his rights preciousness. But nowadays the problem is that the voices have been muted.

The problem is that there is no protest against vehicular traffic in this city. Because every one wants his vehicle rin smooth and fast and the rest should give way or  way from the roads.

There is no plan to shift to railway for cargo transit or for that matter even the incoming material traffic

Most of the material also comes in from other bordering states and the norms are not the same everywhere to control these Emissions.This is what is observed by the world and many a prestigious event has been shifted at the last moment raising these concerns as the primary reasons.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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