My Manifesto

6 Nov

Corporations have now become less inclined to listen to the powers.They have a good relationship with the customer and all else is of nuisance value only.They will sell the city and its inhabitants if their business goals are met.They indulge in behind the scenes activity and lobbying and can buy the world for perpetuating the crime of polluting the city with its solid and other wastes.

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How he stood up!

10 Apr

There is a pall of gloom in a house when the unthinkable happens.The child was still born.

Everyone visited the house to commiserate.

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Trouble on my mind when I see a guy with a stubble. Trouble on my mind!

25 Dec

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

Why don’t men get the concept of being completely silky smooth. I cannot tolerate hair on my man’s
body. Its soooo ewwwww..I wax my entire body take so much pain and all I except in return is the effort
you take for me should be seen and the first freaking that comes into picture is your damn face. At least
shave if you expect some action.

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Pre and Post Exam!

21 Sep

Before you assume that I’m going to go off about the exam season, preparations and sleepless nights… let me assure you – I’m not that cruel. Everyone already knows that. I have been itching to publish something for a while now. There are already too many unfinished, unpolished posts in the drafts folder.. just don’t have the patience enough to finish them off. Thought now I’m wondering, if someone did read half of those ramblings, they’d surely think I’m certifiable. It’s weird and somewhat funny how the creative juices flow during the exam season.

This blog was an attempt to channelize my thoughts. I always thought that I think too much and after a certain friend recommended to do something about it, I decided to give blogging a shot. You can see that my previous posts have been about fairly ‘heavy’ topics. Though I don’t plan to keep it that way for long, but lets see how that works out.

I’m really thankful to the heart warming response to the previous posts. The satisfaction of seeing someone subscribe to you has more meaning than just the stats. Its the feeling of being heard, your opinion being valued or just considered and of course, being appreciated that leaves a tingling feeling (or is it the cold?) So , a very big and loving “THANK YOU!” to you all.

This is Dilli !!

27 Jun

The women told me that they have to go to a certain address in South Delhi and wanted me to help them out since people here didn’t speak English. I am very passionate about the English language and hence the opportunity to be a translator, for a short time, was pleasing. It wasn’t a faraway place they were headed to, but how do you get a dozen women around in a city unfamiliar to cab service? I tried getting the autos for them but again… a dozen women? It would have needed a procession. One auto-rickshaw driver did stop and agreed to go when I spoke to him. But as soon as he saw me relaying this to a lady who seemed to be the in-charge, his eyes got shifty and he started surveying the group. Though eventually, it turned out that the place they were headed to was sending a cab for them, the auto driver’s sudden change in attitude stuck in my mind.

Why is it that we look for ways to exploit the first person we can find and get away with it? What was the driver thinking at that instant? Surely, he couldn’t kidnap a dozen women, could he? Its the bizarre spectrum of crimes in India that makes me paranoid and unable to brush away the thought.
I don’t want to spin a depressing tale of apathetic Delhites here. I don’t have an eloquent and elaborate hypothesis on the same. But sometimes I feel like shaking up some people and tell them – would it kill you to be more humane? Why does an average Delhite have so much anger and resentment and greed festering inside him?
If only the answers were that simple.

This Summer

4 Mar

The hottest time of the year is here, so lets plunge in our closet and update it with the must haves to beat the heat in style.

incorporate a lot of neon to add color this summer, go flirtatious with pastels as well.Mix and match to look the summer siren.

Shades, accessories like scarves neck pieces, armlets add to the summer vibe.

Shorts- nothing to beat the heat than a pair of comfortable shorts, take your pick to suit your style . either have one in the neon colors to amp your look, or go for the subtle romance of pastels or the chic evergreen denim grunge.


team it with denims, shorts,jacket , skirt, layer it. Its comfort and versatility makes it a summer staple.

Tote –

to carry all your summer life savers in style.